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taroko gorge + skirts.

October 25, 2012



I visited taroko gorge last week, and stayed at the Silks Place hotel. The national park was sO beautiful. We hiked through tunnels than rained, and saw waterfalls and tons of gorgeous scenery.

上禮拜去了一趟太魯閣, 入住在美麗的晶英酒店. 國家公園的美景真的是美不勝收.我們穿越瀑布下的隧道, 利用不一樣的角度看到了壯觀的自然美景。


wearing the taroko national park standard issue helmets, on our excursion to see the sights. Watch out for falling rocks!

這是遊覽國家公園步道所需要戴的頭盔, 從一側欣賞岩石的風貌. 小心滑落的岩石!


A morning by the pool at Silks Place. Sunny, calm and serene. My favorite.

早上在泳池邊的好空氣. 享受 陽光, 平靜 和美景的片刻. My  favorite。


a new piece that I’ve been working into my closet this Fall, is the flared skirt.  I have a few, in leather, lace and jacquards… here are a few ways to wear them casually, while still looking chic, and not too girly.

最近為我的衣櫥添購了入秋單品, 就是迷人打摺裙. 目前準備了幾款: 皮革, 蕾絲 和印花系列…要如何穿出個性休閒風格又不會太女孩, 分享一些今年秋冬流行穿法:


the easiest way to wear this skirt, is to tuck in your top, to keep a defined waistline. a leather jacket on top gives the look a laid back vibe, and offsets the feminine shape of the skirt. Booties add a tough edge.

(左圖)最簡單的表達就是將上衣塞入裙內, 將腰線明顯的展現出來.

(右圖)一件有型的皮夾克可以襯托整體造型的質感, 配上靴子可增添個性感.


A simple tee shirt with this pleated version completes a no frills modern look.  The green blouse and belt softens the leather and gives a fun pop of color.

(左圖)一件簡單tee shirt 配上設計感打摺裙可完全表現自然不做作的modern look.

(右圖)綠色上衣加上皮帶可以平衡皮革的強硬感, 呈現活潑顏色對比.


I tucked a tank into the skirt, and wore a denim + French terry jacket over to dress it down.

分享我的穿搭, 將背心塞進裙內, 外罩一件丹寧+ 棉織夾克


flared skirts 打摺裙: Cameo, d.Ra, vegan pleated leather skirt.

xx j


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