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August 21, 2012

HI. I’ve been busy recently… preparing holiday ‘12 SILVRDWN collection… and tending to a huge new puppy! meet Duke. a 35kg, 10 month old, Newfoundland puppy. Pongo’s new “little” brother.  (details about new designs to come in later posts… its still a work in progress..!)

Hi. 最近的我正忙碌設計2012 SILVRDWN Collection holiday 系列, 而且同時還撿到了一隻大狗!我們將它取名為 Duke. 35 公斤, 10個月大 的紐芬蘭犬. Pongo 的新兄弟. (之後會分享更多設計上的細節..一切都還在進行中..!)

Duke was a stray, that we ended up taking in, and hospitalizing to treat some malnourishment and a serious tick related disease. poor thing. why someone would abandon such a gorgeous, sweet, dog is beyond me.. I guess some people aren’t prepared for the responsibilities and time that a big puppy takes.  He’s much healthier now, and is starting to fit into our lives nicely.  : )

Duke是隻流浪狗 , 我們將他帶回家並接受醫院的檢查, 他有嚴重的營養失調及蝨子..可憐的小狗.  想不透為什麼有人如此狠心的將這樣可愛的狗遺棄. 但開心的是, Duke已經越來越健康, 並且開始融入我們的生活了.

Last week was also the Momo’s March store grand opening- congrats!

with Christina at her shop.

me: Tee by Alexander Wang + shorts by Siwy + necklace  by Momo’s March

below: outfit from the weekend: dinner and drinks with some girlfriends in town.

top by rag and bone + skirt by alexander wang + heels by sam Edelman.

and, some recent press! This month’s Beauty Magazine, “mix and match,” features some SILVRDWN Collection tops.

分享一下這月的雜誌露出! Beauty Magazine 大美人雜誌, “mix and match” 穿搭單元, 有SILVRDWN Collection 的上衣喔.

top left, SILVRDWN Collection: black Ruched Back top. 黑色後片抽皺上衣

bottom: SILVRDWN Collection navy Cold Shoulder tee. 藍色露肩上衣


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