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July 16, 2012

here are some shots from our recent event!


me = nervous. Speaking at the showcase, with our lovely host, Yi, at Éclat hotel.

me=相當緊張. 發表會在怡亨酒店舉辦, 當時正在接受主持人的訪問, 感謝美麗的住持人陳沂幫忙, 讓我們SILVRDWN 活動進行順利 。

models in SILVRDWN Sport運動系列: Peri Chang (independent), Christian from NewFace.

Peri in SILVRDWN Collection. One shoulder top + Ponte mini skirt.

Model Peri 穿著 SILVRDWN Collection: 單肩上衣 + Ponte 迷你裙

Sandra from New Face, in the Collection Sparkle Mini Dress.

Sandra (New Face) 穿著 SILVRDWN Collection: 閃耀黑迷你連身洋裝

A huge thank you, to my good friends for coming and looking fabulous.

最感謝我的好朋友們, 抽空來參加SILVRDWN 品牌發表會, 謝謝你們的熱情參與。

Alexander King Chen, and Elisa 林依霖.

設計師 Alexander King Chen與 創作歌手 Elisa 林依霖。

with my lovely sis-in law, Christina. thanks for the support!

也感謝Christina , 謝謝你的支持!

Helena and Cammier! Love their outfits. sO summer.

Helena Cammier! 你們今天的打扮好有夏天的感覺!

with Janet. thanks for your guidance!


Zalora’s own Mathilda and Betty. You guys rock for coming out!

Zalora Mathilda Betty, 很感謝你們抽空前來!

THANKS to everyone for their continued support. I truly appreciate it.

很感謝你們每一位的支持, 我真的很感動, 也會繼續努力下去.

I’m relieved that it went smoothly… I was sOo nervous speaking in mandarin.. but I’m truly grateful that I had the opportunity to show what SILVRDWN is all about.

這次活動當中….當時真的好緊張, 特別是要用中文表達..但也由衷感恩這次的機會, 可以讓更多人知道 SILVRDWN的品牌精神與理念.


xx j


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