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heLLo again.

July 20, 2015


during this blog hiatus…


i’ve moved back to LA, (with 2 pups in tow), shut down new operations for SILVRDWN clothing in taiwan, and am currently looking at developing some new fun projects stateside.

in the meantime.. i’ve been OBSESSED with korean beauty products lately, more so than ever before- especially after my first trip to south korea this past feb.


will start sharing some of my fave finds soon.

its been too long!



taroko gorge + skirts.

October 25, 2012



I visited taroko gorge last week, and stayed at the Silks Place hotel. The national park was sO beautiful. We hiked through tunnels than rained, and saw waterfalls and tons of gorgeous scenery.

上禮拜去了一趟太魯閣, 入住在美麗的晶英酒店. 國家公園的美景真的是美不勝收.我們穿越瀑布下的隧道, 利用不一樣的角度看到了壯觀的自然美景。


wearing the taroko national park standard issue helmets, on our excursion to see the sights. Watch out for falling rocks!

這是遊覽國家公園步道所需要戴的頭盔, 從一側欣賞岩石的風貌. 小心滑落的岩石!


A morning by the pool at Silks Place. Sunny, calm and serene. My favorite.

早上在泳池邊的好空氣. 享受 陽光, 平靜 和美景的片刻. My  favorite。


a new piece that I’ve been working into my closet this Fall, is the flared skirt.  I have a few, in leather, lace and jacquards… here are a few ways to wear them casually, while still looking chic, and not too girly.

最近為我的衣櫥添購了入秋單品, 就是迷人打摺裙. 目前準備了幾款: 皮革, 蕾絲 和印花系列…要如何穿出個性休閒風格又不會太女孩, 分享一些今年秋冬流行穿法:


the easiest way to wear this skirt, is to tuck in your top, to keep a defined waistline. a leather jacket on top gives the look a laid back vibe, and offsets the feminine shape of the skirt. Booties add a tough edge.

(左圖)最簡單的表達就是將上衣塞入裙內, 將腰線明顯的展現出來.

(右圖)一件有型的皮夾克可以襯托整體造型的質感, 配上靴子可增添個性感.


A simple tee shirt with this pleated version completes a no frills modern look.  The green blouse and belt softens the leather and gives a fun pop of color.

(左圖)一件簡單tee shirt 配上設計感打摺裙可完全表現自然不做作的modern look.

(右圖)綠色上衣加上皮帶可以平衡皮革的強硬感, 呈現活潑顏色對比.


I tucked a tank into the skirt, and wore a denim + French terry jacket over to dress it down.

分享我的穿搭, 將背心塞進裙內, 外罩一件丹寧+ 棉織夾克


flared skirts 打摺裙: Cameo, d.Ra, vegan pleated leather skirt.

xx j

fresh for fall.

October 3, 2012

Beauty goodies.

For warmer weather, I use a lighter weight moisturizer- Omorovizca Balancing Moisturizer. For stubborn waterproof eye makeup, Make Up Forever Sens’eyes, gets everything off easily. For a quick skin fix, before a photoshoot/event, I apply Sunday Riley Good Genes the night before, and the day of. Daily in my purse, I carry Fresh Lip Sugar.

I attended the DeBeers Extraordinary Nature event recently. For my makeup, we went with silver grey shadow, and bright pink lips. I loved the look!

Before the event, getting blinged out courtesy of DeBeers.

Tunic by Rozae Nichols + Boots by Jimmy Choo + Python Clutch from Bali + Necklace by DeBeers

As the weather starts to get a bit cooler, I’m noticing that girls have already pulled out sweaters and scarves… I’m still in tee shirts and shorts, but a lightweight cardigan in the evening is plenty to keep off the light breeze.  Here are a few of my favorite options from this season.

Casual cardigans. Geometric printed drape sweater from, and Rag and Bone striped button cardigan. Both perfect for throwing over jeans, shorts or tees.

Here are some stylish and elegant options. 3.1 Phillip Lim fringed cardigan. Gucci long belted camel hair cardigan.

Its time to reorganize my closet for Fall!

xx j

In the midst of it all..

September 12, 2012

Lately we’re all about finding the right fabrics for SILVRDWN’s new collection. We spent hours at the markets looking for suitable cloths for our Holiday vignette. Can’t wait to see it all made up into our first samples!

F/W design inspiration. Knit draping, asymmetry, texture, and leather. This is also how I’m shopping for my own closet. ; ) I love the mixing of textures on a monochromatic palette.

今年秋冬的設計靈感, 是來自一些強烈元素 , 像是垂墜針織, 不對稱剪裁, 布料質地和皮質. 這些都是今年秋冬衣櫃裡不可或缺的一環. 我尤其愛單色布料上擁有不同材質的結合.

Last week I attended a charity event, which our friend Peri, (who models for SILVRDWN from time to time,) was helping organize. The proceeds of the clothing and art auction went to Ti Hwei Children’s Home.  Here’s Peri with one of the pieces she created for auction!

在上週去參加了一場公益慈善活動, 這是由好朋友Peri 所精心策劃的 (在之前幫SILVRDWN 走秀). 此活動所得到的捐款將會捐贈致台北市私立惠育幼院. 分享一下Peri 與當日競標活動圖畫之一.

Some recent outfits. 分享最近的穿搭

drape detail jersey dress by Kai-aakmann. lightweight and in a casual tee shirting fabric- this dress is versatile and easy to wear.

灰色垂墜針織裙 by Kai-aakmann. 輕薄而休閒的tee shirting 材質, 這款洋裝還可以雙面穿且容易穿脫.

seeing double! i love iphone photo apps (:

tee by Lush + 金色短褲gold shorts by DVF + 包包 bag by Chrome Hearts + 平底鞋 flats by Chloe Chen


xx j


August 21, 2012

HI. I’ve been busy recently… preparing holiday ‘12 SILVRDWN collection… and tending to a huge new puppy! meet Duke. a 35kg, 10 month old, Newfoundland puppy. Pongo’s new “little” brother.  (details about new designs to come in later posts… its still a work in progress..!)

Hi. 最近的我正忙碌設計2012 SILVRDWN Collection holiday 系列, 而且同時還撿到了一隻大狗!我們將它取名為 Duke. 35 公斤, 10個月大 的紐芬蘭犬. Pongo 的新兄弟. (之後會分享更多設計上的細節..一切都還在進行中..!)

Duke was a stray, that we ended up taking in, and hospitalizing to treat some malnourishment and a serious tick related disease. poor thing. why someone would abandon such a gorgeous, sweet, dog is beyond me.. I guess some people aren’t prepared for the responsibilities and time that a big puppy takes.  He’s much healthier now, and is starting to fit into our lives nicely.  : )

Duke是隻流浪狗 , 我們將他帶回家並接受醫院的檢查, 他有嚴重的營養失調及蝨子..可憐的小狗.  想不透為什麼有人如此狠心的將這樣可愛的狗遺棄. 但開心的是, Duke已經越來越健康, 並且開始融入我們的生活了.

Last week was also the Momo’s March store grand opening- congrats!

with Christina at her shop.

me: Tee by Alexander Wang + shorts by Siwy + necklace  by Momo’s March

below: outfit from the weekend: dinner and drinks with some girlfriends in town.

top by rag and bone + skirt by alexander wang + heels by sam Edelman.

and, some recent press! This month’s Beauty Magazine, “mix and match,” features some SILVRDWN Collection tops.

分享一下這月的雜誌露出! Beauty Magazine 大美人雜誌, “mix and match” 穿搭單元, 有SILVRDWN Collection 的上衣喔.

top left, SILVRDWN Collection: black Ruched Back top. 黑色後片抽皺上衣

bottom: SILVRDWN Collection navy Cold Shoulder tee. 藍色露肩上衣


xx j

spinning to the olympics.

July 31, 2012

Spinning to the Summer Olympics

I’ve been trying to get in more exercise at home lately, as it is way too hot to venture outside.. so we had a practice bike setup at home! It’s positioned so that I can watch tv while I spin.. so i’ve been watching the Olympics, and reruns of Pawn Stars. Haha!

Did everyone watch the opening ceremonies? I missed most of it.. but have been following swim and basketball..

Some hot weather outfits from last week:

white days. tank by Jcrew +shorts by Urban Outfitters + sandals by Stella McCarney, + bag by Reed Krafoff + sunnies are vintage Lacoste.

PR/marketing meeting turned afternoon tea, at PAUL patisserie. I love their strawberry millefeuille.

When its humid and hot, I wear maxi dresses. The “pull on and go”  type, that are easily washable.  Dresses are such an easy summer staple, they’re cooling and can be quite fuss free.

maxi dress by  silence +noise, + bag by Chloe.

xx j


July 16, 2012

here are some shots from our recent event!


me = nervous. Speaking at the showcase, with our lovely host, Yi, at Éclat hotel.

me=相當緊張. 發表會在怡亨酒店舉辦, 當時正在接受主持人的訪問, 感謝美麗的住持人陳沂幫忙, 讓我們SILVRDWN 活動進行順利 。

models in SILVRDWN Sport運動系列: Peri Chang (independent), Christian from NewFace.

Peri in SILVRDWN Collection. One shoulder top + Ponte mini skirt.

Model Peri 穿著 SILVRDWN Collection: 單肩上衣 + Ponte 迷你裙

Sandra from New Face, in the Collection Sparkle Mini Dress.

Sandra (New Face) 穿著 SILVRDWN Collection: 閃耀黑迷你連身洋裝

A huge thank you, to my good friends for coming and looking fabulous.

最感謝我的好朋友們, 抽空來參加SILVRDWN 品牌發表會, 謝謝你們的熱情參與。

Alexander King Chen, and Elisa 林依霖.

設計師 Alexander King Chen與 創作歌手 Elisa 林依霖。

with my lovely sis-in law, Christina. thanks for the support!

也感謝Christina , 謝謝你的支持!

Helena and Cammier! Love their outfits. sO summer.

Helena Cammier! 你們今天的打扮好有夏天的感覺!

with Janet. thanks for your guidance!


Zalora’s own Mathilda and Betty. You guys rock for coming out!

Zalora Mathilda Betty, 很感謝你們抽空前來!

THANKS to everyone for their continued support. I truly appreciate it.

很感謝你們每一位的支持, 我真的很感動, 也會繼續努力下去.

I’m relieved that it went smoothly… I was sOo nervous speaking in mandarin.. but I’m truly grateful that I had the opportunity to show what SILVRDWN is all about.

這次活動當中….當時真的好緊張, 特別是要用中文表達..但也由衷感恩這次的機會, 可以讓更多人知道 SILVRDWN的品牌精神與理念.


xx j